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Creating tangible impact in the lives of young people is at the core of everything we do at The Diana Award. We impact young people’s life experience and enable them to participate in this world as positive and self-confident changemakers. We appreciate that impact comes in many shapes – big and small; sometimes a good conversation with the right person at the right time can make all the difference. Have a look at our young people stories to find out how we have impacted young people’s lives and how our programmes help young people create positive change.


Annual Report (2021/22)

Global conflict, political uncertainty, financial instability and the long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic are all exacerbating deep-rooted inequalities. These issues are affecting the lives and opportunities of young people across the world.

Despite these challenges, 88% of young people care about making the world a better place, while 58% of young changemakers said the Covid-19 pandemic has increased their capacity to make change in the world.

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DEMOS report (September 2020)

Anti-bullying approaches which involve the whole school including the parents, and which empower the students, are common among schools. This report evaluates one such approach, the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme (ABAP), by charity The Diana Award, which trains students to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors online and offline, at 1200 schools.

Insights into the impact this programme has had on schools, students, and what the barriers and contributors to successful implementation are valuable to policy makers and schools alike in tackling bullying more effectively.

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In 2022-23, in partnership with Meta, The Diana Award delivered our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme to secondary schools online. Read our report about the impact of the programme on over 22,00 young people across 195 schools.

After attending training, young people’s understanding of different types of bullying, their ability to support other students experiencing bullying, and the self-belief that they can reduce cyberbullying increased. No wonder 95% of young people rated our training as Good or Excellent!

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme continues to have positive effects after training too, with Ambassadors taking part in social action work to reduce bullying behaviours in their school. 92% say they have more knowledge about the effects of bullying behaviour on people, while 78% say involvement in the programme has developed their leadership skills.

Also read here the work done in one particular school, RyeCroft C.E Middle School in Staffordshire, who were trained thanks to Meta and have completed five actions in their school, resulting in achieving their Wellbeing badge from The Diana Award.

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