Unlocking potential_

We are addressing the challenges to young people’s mental health and wellbeing to unlock their potential.

35 young people

took part in the Young Changemakers Programme second cohort, working to bring change to mental health issues and racial injustices.

824 young people engaged in 4,478 hours

of mentoring to develop their work-readiness and career skills.

26% of Diana Award recipients

are leading projects that support the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Wellbeing.

94% of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

understand how experiencing bullying behaviour can make someone feel.

“I’m definitely a lot more confident now, that’s one thing that’s definitely improved with me. And that is 100% down to the programme because it gave us opportunities to do public speaking, work in teams and show leadership. It’s just given opportunities that I wouldn’t have ever had otherwise.”
Young Changemaker

Creating opportunities_

We are working together to bring down social and economic barriers that young people face.

194 inspirational children and young people

based in 31 different countries received The Diana Award for their social action and humanitarian efforts.

21% of Diana Award recipients

are working on projects aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education and 13% of Reducing Inequality.

510 young people

took part in 19 online work experience sessions over five days in July 2022 on career skills and education and employment routes.

97 volunteer mentors

worked with young mentees to give them insight into the world of work, career paths and employability skills.

Inspiring action_

We strive to bring change where young people are not understood or listened to by those in power.

An image of The Diana Award Mentor

We could not have achieved so much without the incredible support of our partners, dedicated team, trustees and volunteers.

As we look towards our 25th anniversary of operation, We are immensely proud of the extraordinary movement of young people we have worked alongside for the last 24 years.

This dynamic and passionate community is the heartbeat of our mission, infusing vitality and purpose into every initiative and project. Their unwavering commitment to positive change continues to shape the trajectory of our work.