Each Young Changemaker social action project will have the opportunity receive additional, bespoke support from the partnership on the Accelerator Pathway.

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Each Young Changemaker social action team have the opportunity to join the Accelerator Pathway. This opportunity will be shaped by the young people taking part to identify what support they need. 

The support spans an additional 4-6 months and will involve activities such as: 

  • Support from a mentor
  • Master classes
  • Bespoke support from The Diana Award/ UKYouth/ Centre for Mental Health
  • Project evaluation


Not So Micro, are a team of Young Changemakers who are campaigning to include microaggression training as mandatory in teacher training. The team released a parliamentary petition for mandatory anti-racism and microaggression training for teachers. The survey received 280 signatures over a 6-month period. Since their petition, the team have been invited to speak at various engagements such as a lunch and learn webinar hosted by the Children & Young People’s Coalition and the Leaders for Race Equality Network in School Leadership.

In partnership with Not So Micro, Centre for Mental Health designed and carried out a survey aimed at finding out what teachers knew about racial microaggressions, how as individuals and within their school settings they would respond to these instances of racism and what training they had received and thought they should receive. Some headline statistics include an overwhelming 94% of teachers want anti-racism training and 67% of school staff said they lacked confidence in spotting a racial microaggression in schools. Read more about the results here.

Most recently, the team were invited to and attended the Mentoring Summit in Washington DC from January 24th – January 28th. Organised by MENTOR, the Summit is an opportunity for mentoring practitioners, researchers, philanthropic investors, youth leaders, government and civic leaders, and affiliates from across the world to unite under the shared goal of driving positive change for young people.

To keep up with Not So Micro, check out their LinkedIn here.


The group created and published a three-part podcast series that hosted conversations with experts in supporting Black and racialised communities struggling with mental health. These episodes looked at personal examples and stories, as well as what services are/aren’t doing to help. 

The focus of these episodes was to look at the issue from an intersectional lens and to give young people a chance to have their voices heard on the subject.  Check out the episodes on their YouTube channel here. So far, the podcast has had over 250 views. 

This group was recently successful in their application to join the Accelerator pathway and as a partnership we will support them over the next 6 months to continue developing their project and further increase their impact. Check back for updates on what the team are up to!

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