We are keen to involve the young people we work with in all aspects of our anti-bullying programmes, including through our National Youth Board.

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National Anti-Bullying Youth Board

Our Youth Board is made up of young people aged 13-17 from across England who are trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Each member has been selected due to their exceptional passion for and commitment to tackling bullying behaviour in their schools and communities. Our Board members come from different backgrounds to ensure they represent the diversity of our society.

What’s involved?

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in a residential in London
  • Influence decision-makers and policy regarding bullying behaviour in England
  • Develop your skills for education, social action and future employment
  • Ensure young people’s voices are at the heart of The Diana Awards’ work
  • Receive extra support, guidance and exposure for your anti-bullying campaigns
  • Create resources and social media content for our website, attend events and interact with high-profile people in public life
  • Represent young people from across England
  • Make new friends with other young people from around England
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Register your interest for the 2024-2025 Youth Board

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Want to apply to be part of the Youth Board?

In order to apply you must:

  • Be aged 13-17 years old
  • Live and go to school in England
  • Be trained as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador with The Diana Award
  • Be passionate about championing anti-bullying work in your school, local community, and nationally
  • Have your parent or carer’s permission to apply
  • Have the desire to support others who may be experiencing bullying behaviour
  • Be able to focus on Youth Board activities for a minimum of 3 hours a month over the year

Our Youth Board gives young people a voice about issues that matter to them and their peers. We help develop their skills, including public speaking, dealing with conflict and campaigning, and we give them a platform to create long-lasting change. Our Board has three main areas of responsibility:

1. Advise - advise on the direction of our anti-bullying work and how to best engage with young people

2. Communicate – showcase excellent anti-bullying work and help spread awareness of the importance of The Diana Award’s anti-bullying work

3. Influence – be a role model for Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and advocate for changes to legislation and policy that strengthen the response to bullying behaviour in England

Our Youth Board members often represent The Diana Award at external events, so keep an eye out and you may get to meet them soon!

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Meet the Youth Board 2023-24!

Image of Sammy


I decided to join the National Anti-bullying Youth Board to implement change and develop new experiences. At my current school, I am head boy and have been able to encourage students to reach out for support if they feel it’s needed. My experience as head boy is a testament to my commitment to developing a safer and kinder environment for my peers. Having been selected to represent young people as a member of The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Youth Board, I am eager to encourage positive change on an even greater scale.

Image of Grace


I decided to join The Diana Award National Youth Board when I noticed that in the community bullying was a topic that was ignored and forgotten about. I realised how often and close bullying happens. I did my first Diana Award training in 2021 when I was in year 7 and from then I knew I needed to make a change. From then I have been going to my schools Care Ambassador club, taking part in competitions and raising awareness to staff and students who are members in my school, and I will continue to show my passion and determination to make a change in the world of bullying and how it is seen.

Image of Elena


Hey, I'm Erik, and I chose to apply for the Youth Board because I thought it crucial to get involved in an organization actively working to improve bullying awareness, anti-bullying training and general bullying behaviour in schools around the country. As a member of the LGBT+ community, I experienced bullying for a large amount of time throughout my childhood. While I have come to terms with those experiences, I also understand what it is like to be a victim of prejudice, bullying and discrimination as a young person and how these experiences vary from person to person. This is why it is so important to me that bullying and spreading awareness of bullying behaviour in schools is taken seriously, and that we all make as big of an effort as we can to tackle it. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in my school have done a lot over the past year to spread awareness about bullying behaviour, and worked towards our Wellbeing badge, hosting themed Fridays each term promoting anti-bullying themes and incorporating these into fun activities such as a kindness-themed easter egg hunt, and a christmas crafts sale to display and appreciate the talents of our pupils. I am excited to work with The Diana Award and partake in the exciting projects they have lined up this year.

Image of Monty


I wanted to become a member of the Anti-Bullying Youth Board because I believe in the positive effect students can have supporting each other. My own personal experience of bullying has let me understand just how it can change someone’s entire outlook on life and I am striving towards educating not only students but teachers on the various types of bullying. I am incredibly thankful to have this place and incredibly excited to be part of the change to the way bullying is treated in schools.

Image of Safaa


Hi! I'm Joheyna, and I'm 14 years old. I have been an Anti-Bullying Ambassador since year 7, and I have been so for three consecutive years. I have become more passionate about tackling bullying as I have the been given the chance to understand it more. This is why I believe that joining the Anti-Bullying Youth Board would help me spread this awareness amongst the youth, so that we can reduce online bullying as well as bullying at school or outside. I wanted to be at "the centre of the action", where I strongly believe that together we can help keep people alert. I love problem solving, and I think that educating adolescents about this issue is challenging, but I will try my best to find great solutions!

Image of Tamar


I am Karolina, K for short and I'm 13, turning 14 soon. I speak both Polish and English and I love music; I play guitar and a little bit of piano. I originally became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador in my school because I wanted to educate people about bullying. So, when my teacher introduced me to the Youth board, I signed up instantly. To have an opportunity like this is an honour and I’m glad I will be able to help others learn about the importance of bullying and how it can affect somebody, and also learn more about the subject myself.

Image of Elliott


In the past I have been involved in anti-bullying assemblies and organised events within school. I want to make it a happy place where students feel comfortable, help build their confidence but most of all try and make a difference. I am a member of the school council and help coach and support younger students. I have raised money for the Poppy Appeal since I was five years of age. For this I received The Diana Award and was nominated for the Yorkshire Choice awards. We should help others and educate them on why bullying is not acceptable and what effect this could have on someone. We need to create a safe environment for others and deliver positive powerful messages. I am excited to be part of the Anti-Bullying Youth Board as I want to make new friends and promote the importance of being kind and caring, but most of all, if more people work together and promote awareness, we can make the world a better place and support others who need it.

Image of Zinat


Hello, my name is Maliha and I am 14 years old. I have worked with The Diana Award for a year now, representing my school as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador. Through many meetings, presentations, and conversations, I have come to realise my enthusiasm when it comes to working with others to help eradicate bullying within young people's lives. Because of this, I decided to apply for the 2023-24 Youth Board, to try and push the voices and opinions I have heard throughout my school life, across all of England. I believe that every voice should be listened to, and that sharing experience and knowledge is how we can let young people everywhere understand that they are not standing alone. As a Youth Board member, I aspire to be a figurehead for the voices of today's youth, and help to make sure every story is heard, to help raise awareness on bullying and how to help support the individuals suffering from it.

Image of Zinat


My name is Martin and I have been an Anti-Bullying Ambassador for 3 years. I completed my anti bullying training in 2020 and had my upskill training in 2022. To me, being an anti-bullying advocate is very important as I believe that anywhere you go you should expect and receive a kind, caring environment. I love helping my classmates through tough times and will volunteer to help when I can. I am very excited to see what I can achieve as an Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and now on the Youth Board.

Image of Zinat


I am so excited to be a part of the Youth Board! I decided to apply after 2 years of being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, and discovering my passion for helping year 6’s transition into high school. I am very passionate about tackling bullying and want to try and reduce bullying behaviour as much as i can, so by joining the Youth Board I aim to help as many young people as I am able to.

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Hello, my name is Robyn! I'm a trans being with a love for cats, drawing, writing, and all things to do with countries. I am an RAF cadet (I've co-piloted a plane used to train cadets!) who's working towards their silver DoE, along with other RAF cadet badges to look extra cool. :]

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I’m delighted to be a part of this year’s Youth Board, so I can make a positive change to lives to overcome bullying. After attending anti-bullying training, I was inspired to change the way bullying is tackled, so everyone is able to grow and flourish in a safe environment, leading me to apply to the Youth Board. In school, our Anti-Bullying team have held many events, and base each year on a different issue commonly linked with bullying. We hold stalls in our annual charity lunches to raise awareness, and host different activities to do all year around, which are suitable for all years to engage in. Even if my impact is little, I believe change can go a great way.

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Hi my name is Victoria and I am over the moon to be part of the 2023/24 Youth Board. I became a part of my schools anti-bullying team in early 2023 and I have taken every chance I get to improve my schools approach to bullying and overall mental wellbeing. I love being able to speak up about bullying and it allows my confidence to grow as a person. I have had my voice heard by senior members of my school and they have seen the great ideas I have so I hope I can bring them to the 2023/24 Youth Board. Personally, I have been helping my school overcome sexist stereotypes and boundaries this I take to the heart and will always push to change. I wanted to become a member of the Youth Board so I could see change happen not just at my school but across the country. I am dedicated to helping us to overcome the challenges of bullying across the country. I am proud to be a member of the Youth Board and I hope we succeed and see the change that needs to happen.

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Hello! My name is Yasmin and I decided to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador since it’s something I’m passionate about and i get to use my voice to help others and spread awareness about bullying and its effects. I’ve been to local primary schools to talk about anti-bullying and I’ve done several assemblies and workshops about a variety of topics. I love speaking out about an issue I am determined to tackle. It’s a pleasure to be among the anti-bullying team!

Meet the young people supporting the anti-bullying PROGRAMME

Case Studies


In July 2022, 8 students from Turves Green Boys’ School, a secondary school in Northfield, Birmingham, took part in The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying training session, sponsored by the Department of Education. Since then, thanks to the Anti-Bulling Ambassador Programme’s peer-to-peer approach, the Amb

Case Studies


In April 2024, Diana Award staff met with Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs) and staff from Barking Abbey to learn about the work they have been doing throughout the year and the impact on the wider community.

Case Studies


In April 2023, we had the opportunity to sit down with a Staff member from Bellan House at Oswestry School and discuss the impact of the Anti-Bullying Programme (ABAP) in their school.