November 25, 2023


The Diana Award are privileged to be invited to the ‘My Life My Say’ Next Gen conference on the 25th November. We will join around 500 young people and a series of renowned speakers from the world of activism for an exciting day that will explore youth-led solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society.


‘My Life My Say’ is a youth-led, non-partisan movement on a mission to change the culture of democracy and get every single young person voting.

Politics affect us all, no matter who you are or where you are from, and there has never been a more critical time for young people to be engaged in the decision-making process. Their slogan ‘If You Don’t Do Politics, Politics Will Do You’ is extremely powerful and reflects their understanding of the importance young people play in the decision-making process and why they work tirelessly to ensure that the world of politics is accessible and that voices are heard at every stage.

They work with international leaders to equip the younger generation with the confidence and skills to lead change within their communities across the globe. With a reach of over 2 million young peoples across the UK, they are recognised as one of the leading drivers of young engagement and work with some of the biggest names in politics, including the UK Government, Mayor of London and United Nations.

You can find more about My Life My Say and their inspiring work here!

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The annual Next Generation Conference, taking place on Saturday 25th November, is the pinnacle of My Life My Say’s yearly activities, serving as a platform to explore youth-led solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society.

The 2023 conference will be held at Plexal (London’s Tech City) and will welcome 500 young people, alongside renowned speakers from the world of activism, business, and politics.

The agenda across the day consists of keynote speeches from high-profile policymakers, panel events on prominent issues affecting young people, their signature democracy café and an award ceremony – a jam-packed day full of really exciting events and opportunities! Below are some of the interesting panel discussions taking place:

Cost of Living Crisis: Mental Health

The cost-of-living crisis has ripped through the economy, with notable effects on soaring energy prices and the cost of food. But what impact is it having on everyone’s mental health? and how can we better take care of ourselves in uncertain times? We ask the experts.

The Climate Crisis: Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has one of the biggest impacts on the climate crisis, causing carbon emissions, excessive water usage, and textile waste. How are fashion brands actively pursuing sustainability to address these issues?

Clicktivism: Digital Activism

Clicktivism vs Slacktivism: How are young people currently engaging in politics online? How is misinformation shaping young people’s opinions? How can our generation successfully utilise technology to create positive social change?

Democracy In The 21st Century

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, shifting social dynamics, and unprecedented global challenges, the question of how democracy can better work for today's young people is more critical than ever.

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The Diana Award are delighted to be one of the many incredible Charity Partners for the Next Generation Conference! This conference is especially close to our hearts due to the involvement of Dan Lawes, 2019 Legacy Award recipient, The Diana Award Trustee and now Strategic Partnership Associate at My Life My Say. We are incredible proud of everything Dan has gone on to achieve and are honoured to be invited to partner with My Life My Say for the Next Generation Conference.

"I am truly honoured to be a recipient of The Legacy Award, an organisation that embodies the principles of compassion, leadership, and positive change. As a member of the My Life My Say team organising Next Gen Conference 2023, I am thrilled to be collaborating with The Diana Award, a charity that aligns with the conference's aims of inspiring the next generation of leaders. The conference promises to be a dynamic platform where young minds converge to discuss and shape the future. It's with great excitement that we host The Diana Award's community at this transformative event. I am deeply grateful for the continued support of The Diana Award, and I look forward to sharing this empowering experience with fellow award recipients, partners, and all those who believe in the power of young people to fight for a better world. Together, let's amplify our collective impact and inspire positive change. See you at the Next Gen Conference 2023!" - Dan Lawes

Read more about Dan’s incredible story and why he received the 2019 Legacy Award here!

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