July 19, 2022

Tackle Racist & Sexual Bullying Behaviour

The Diana Award launches new anti-racist and anti-sexual bullying behaviour training, thanks to funding from the #iWill Fund and Spirit of 2012.

The Diana Award is delighted to launch new online training sessions for Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to tackle racist and sexual bullying behaviour. The training supports young people to understand what racist and sexual bullying behaviour is, to reflect on how it can make people feel, and to design creative campaigns to combat it.

The trained Ambassadors will have the opportunity to meet passionate young people from another school to share knowledge and experience, and to reflect on these issues alongside students with different backgrounds and cultures from their own. Post-training, the Ambassadors receive bespoke support from our anti-bullying experts to develop meaningful and tailored campaigns in their schools. The Diana Award will award the Respect Badge to schools that participate in the training and successfully run their campaigns, to thank them for their efforts to create a more inclusive, safer environment for their peers.

Race and sex can be difficult topics for young people and educators, but at The Diana Award, we know that it is important to address these issues to increase understanding and safeguard our young people. Research shows that increasing numbers of young people are experiencing racist or sexual bullying behaviour at school, with negative implications for their safety, mental health and wellbeing. The training aligns with the PSHE/RSE curriculum to deepen young people’s knowledge on these issues and to increase their confidence in reporting incidents.

Training to tackle racist and sexual bullying behaviour is available from September 2022 for all trained Ambassadors. Book your school’s place now at tackle-racist-and-sexual-bullying-behaviour.

If you’re interested in this training but have not attended our Anti-Bullying Ambassador training before, you can book your first training day at anti-bullying-training

“I am beyond excited to begin delivering our programme to schools and shaping the young minds of today to be activists and allies. The training will be fun, engaging and age-appropriate, with respect at the heart of everything we do. Our Anti-Bullying Team is passionate about supporting families and staff members alongside the young people. We aim to provide them with up-to-date information, webinars and resources on how to tackle racist and sexual bullying behaviour, with an emphasis on spreading our message to the wider community, through a whole school approach. As the Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Lead at The Diana Award, a crucial part of the content development has been ensuring we align with the current curriculum, so that young people not only learn to challenge racist and sexual bullying behaviour, but also understand the importance of caring friendships and respectful relationships.”

Megan Hockley, Programme Facilitator and PSHE/RSE Curriculum Lead at The Diana Award

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