August 12, 2021


The Duke of Cambridge backs The Diana Award’s post pandemic blueprint for young people across the world

The Duke of Cambridge shows his support for The Diana Award’s new five-year strategy – Future Forward – with a dedicated message putting young people at the heart of urgent change so they can inherit a world of which we can be proud.

‘Future Forward’ launch sees a flood of letters from young people to their future self with lessons learnt from 2021 to making positive change for 2026.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health and social inequality has been felt most acutely by young people. Young people are driving positive change but their voices are still missing from the conversations about the post-pandemic recovery. On International Day of Youth, The Diana Award’s Future Forward strategy puts young people at the heart of leading change.

“Organisations like The Diana Award have never been more important in nurturing the talent of young people and working with them to change the world for the better. Future Forward sets out The Diana Award’s blueprint for how change can be achieved, with young people at its heart. I am excited to see what The Diana Award and the young people it empowers can achieve together.”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Future Forward is an ambitious five-year plan that will unlock the potential of young people by creating opportunities for them to create change, regardless of their background, and inspire them to take action. Social mobility and challenging systemic inequalities will be at its very heart.

“We know young people are often closest to society’s problems with many at risk of poor mental health and low social mobility. In the shadow of the pandemic, we need to take action now. Who better to lead that change than young people? We know young people have the talent, passion and insight to shape the future and lead the recovery. Our Future Forward strategy empowers young people to lead positive change.”

Tessy Ojo CBE, Chief Executive, The Diana Award

Young people, from across the world, have added their voices to Future Change:

“I want to be a voice, an influencer, and to advocate for young girls and teenagers, and even women around the globe – empowering them to love and be kind to themselves.”
Allysha Nolasco, Canada

“I want to make an impact and be part of the solution that will help change the world around us.”
Samantha Vance, USA

“I’m passionate about change because I believe young people should have a seat at the table especially when our future is at stake.”
Lanre Adeleye, UK

“I want to create a change to how we view mental health. I believe that mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health, and with the right support and action made available we will eventually be able to make these changes and break the stigma.”
Lottie Leach, UK

“I want to see people like me making the decisions that affect me.”
Luis Alvarado Bruzual, Venezuela

“I want a seat at the table, to participate in dialogue and become an agent of change, prioritising healthcare to treat the whole person not just the disease.”
Tory Maddison, Canada

“I want young people to be engaged, not in a tokenistic approach, but rather meaningfully at a local, national and global level.”
Shomy Chowdhury, Bangladesh

“I believe in making a change by making sure that people who are making our decisions are hearing the young people.”
Lydia Alty, UK

“Young people are not the future.  We are your present.  Involving us and listening to our voice is the most powerful way to affect change from the bottom up.”
Jonathan Bryan, UK

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