Last weekend young people from Luton, Leeds, London, and Birmingham came together to develop youth-led social action projects to reimagine mental health services and support for racialised communities.

26 January 2022

  • The weekend took place ahead of the social action phase of the Changemaker programme
  • Our first cohort of Changemakers came together in their teams to plan a project that will reimagine mental health support and services
  • Teams were working across 3 strands: changes to public policy, engaging frontline practitioners and the wider public and attitudinal change 

First Young Changemakers residential.

From workshops and resources to podcasts and campaigns, some really innovative and impressive ideas were created by this inspiring group of young people.  


Overall, what did you think of the residential? 

“The residential was great, wish it was longer. Everyone was fun, engaging, the best residential I’ve been on.”

“It was a really unique and fun experience to do – I’ve never done anything like this. It was nice to meet everyone” 

“Very insightful and allowed us to express our opinions in an efficient way” 

“I thought it was lovely to all come together to get to know one another and come together in our strands” 

“I enjoyed the time here. It was really nice, well organised, well catered for. Enjoyed the food and the staff ensured that we were all comfortable”

Did the event make your expectations? Please explain why you say so. 

“Exceeded my expectations, super engaging” 

“Exceeded expectations – It was more organised and entertaining than I expected” 

“Yes, we had good support, inputs and feedback” 

“They exceeded them, as I didn’t expect to feel so confident and secure here” 


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