November 30, 2020


By Josephine Bushby, Partnerships and Development Coordinator at the Diana Award

Fundraising can be a challenge at the best of times, but with continued COVID-19 restrictions including social distancing, many typical fundraising activities are no longer possible. But thanks to the digital age we live in, you can still come together with your friends, family and peers to do good.

As we enter the festive season and period of giving, we’re sharing some new, and alternative ways that charities, groups and communities can still support the causes that matter to them.

We’re excited that you’re here learn about the ways you can help us continue Princess Diana’s legacy and celebrate young people across the UK and beyond! It is through your support that we can empower young people to change the world.

Find plenty of ways to get inspired below:  

Shopping: Show your support by grabbing one of our brand-new tees, sweatshirts, or hoodies, or any of our merchandise on the store. You can even turn online shopping from Sainsbury’s, Amazon, M&S, Argos, John Lewis, and more, into free donations (and get a £5 bonus when you sign up) with easyfundraising! When you shop this way, retailers will make a small donation to us to.

Become an #XmasPartyHero: If you’re stuck on your company Secret Santa, you could join the ‘XmasPartyHero’ campaign by making a charitable donation to us and download the ready-made card to send to your Secret Santa, letting them know you’ve made a donation on their behalf. Join in, help out!

Laptop party: Ship a ‘party in a box’ with hats, balloons, food/drink mixes, and mini umbrellas. You can hold an auction or competition and ask the guests to donate the money they would have spent on travel, a bottle of bubbly, a new outfit, or a gift if they attended in person.

Virtual gig: Concert? Talent show? Poetry? TED Talk? Carolling?  Mini festival? Bring your DJs, MCs, musical colleagues, friends or family together and put on a show, or even a programme of sets, on a video call or live stream, posting updates from behind the scenes – and don’t forget to get the decorations out!

Make a run for it: With all walk, run and in-person challenge events canceled, 10Ks, hikes, walk-a-thons, and dance-a-thons might be just what we need. Bonus: Getting outdoors and increasing those endorphins! You can bring your community together on apps like Strava, make it a virtual competition between friends, or set a joint total goal as a team.

We’re proud to be the only charity founded in memory of Princess Diana and her belief that young people have the power to change the world.

Virtual club: How about movies, baking challenges, quizzing, book club, cooking club, or a discussion circle? Set your theme, and have club meetings on platforms like Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. Make it weekly, light and easy for speakers to contribute, and ask your members for the amount they would normally spend on things like drinks, bus fare, or petrol money.

Birthday fundraiser: It’s safe to say birthdays haven’t been the same this year but you can still make your day matter. Facebook birthday fundraisers are an easy way to share with your family and friends, but birthday fundraisers don’t have to be limited to this platform. Why not increase the fun and organise a birthday party on a platform like Zoom to celebrate and collect donations while you’re at it?

Game night: Whether it’s Pictionary, a video game, an online board game or an app, games always have a way of bringing people together for a laugh. There are plenty of options to connect and play virtually, and you can even organise a tournament!

Be a lifeshaver: Ditch the lockdown locks and make a world-changing difference by cutting your hair or shaving your beard!! Commit to the idea, pick the date of your clip or snip and ask your circle for sponsorship towards the cause. Option to dye it first for extra kudos.

Class or workshop: Do you have a special skill, a recipe your friends love, or something else you’d like to share? It could be a form of exercise, a language, crafting, meditation, drawing… you can offer tiered ‘tickets’, like personalised delivery, a bespoke piece, or a private lesson/session!

Coronavirus Jar: Getting fed up? Don’t fret. Make a rule and demand those you live or are staying with contribute to a ‘coronavirus swear jar’, giving £1 for each time someone gets caught!

For those who are short on time, we’ve included links below for quick and easy ways you can support:

Facebook fundraiser or live function with donation button
Instagram story sticker or live function with donation button

Want to send donations via BACS?
Email us for our bank details.

ANTI 3 to 70470 for £3
ANTI 5 to 70470 for £5
ANTI 10 to 70470 for £10
ANTI 20 to 70470 for £20

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