September 22, 2022


By Diana Award National Anti-Bullying Youth Board members, Zinat and Tamar

The Diana Award National Anti-Bullying Youth Board are heading back to school this month. Zinat and Tamar shared their top tips for dealing with worries about returning to school.

What advice would you give someone who is worried about the return to school after the summer holidays?

Zinat, National Anti-Bullying Youth Board Member 2022-23:
Firstly, I think what would help is to think about why you are stressing so much. This can be due to the pressure of social anxiety or due to tests occurring already at the start of the year. Both reasons are understandable and what personally helps me to cope with this is to journal it down and make a list of things I’m worried about and then find a solution for them. For example, for tests, you could set up a new school routine that works for you and revise so you don’t worry about your grades as much.

Tamar, National Anti-Bullying Youth Board Member 2022-23:
My advice for someone who is worried about returning to school after the summer holidays is to write down each of your worries. Speak to a friend or trusted adult and ‘defeat’ each one. For example, if one of the worries you wrote down is that you are scared you would be lonely either say encouraging words to yourself to convince yourself you can beat that worry or write something contradicting underneath like ‘if I be myself I can easily make friends then I won’t be lonely’.  As you defeat each worry cross it off and scribble it out showing how you have overcome it. Next, take your mind off school: colour in, watch your favourite TV show, or do anything that makes you happy and destresses you. You could also speak to others, guaranteed they are just as apprehensive if not more than you to start school again, remember EVERYONE is feeling the same way as you even if you don’t feel like they do. Perhaps keep a journal and similar to the first advice I mentioned, write down your feelings almost like a mood journal and finally, envision the best case scenario and don’t forget that picture in your head for back to school. The law of attraction says that positive things come to those with positive thoughts, your school experience will be as positive as you allow it to be. So be kind, be brave, be yourself, remember it’s okay to feel the way you are, everything will be okay and good things come to those that wait.

Remember, support is available if you’re worried about the return to school or experiencing bullying behaviour. You don’t have to face it alone.
The Diana Award Advice Messenger provides free*, 24/7 text support across the UK. If you are a young person under 25 who needs support, you can text DA to 85258.
Trained volunteers will give you the space to share to how you’re feeling via text and help you think through the next step towards feeling better.

*Texts are free from EE, O2, Vodafone, 3, Virgin Mobile, BT Mobile, GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile and Telecom Plus.
This service is powered by our trusted partner, Crisis Text Line.

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