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The Diana Award was founded on Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that



We EXIST to empower young people to make that positive change. We do this by

With support, guidance and opportunities every young person can reach their full potential, ensuring no young person is left out or left behind.   

Young people deserve a seat at the table to shape decisions about our shared future.  Their voice enriches decision-making and inspires us all to do more and do better. 

With the right support and advocacy, young people have the passion, energy and insight to lead the change they want to see, for themselves, their communities and the world around them. 


Throughout all of our programmes and initiatives ‘change’ for and by young people is central.  

Our Anti-Bullying work encourages change in attitudes and behaviours for young people by young people, our Mentoring schemes guide change for some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people and our flagship Award and Development programme recognises the young people driving selfless change across the world, supporting them to go even further. In 2021 we will launch our newest initiative, ‘Changemakers’ which aims to change the inequalities in mental health experienced by young people from racialised communities.  

We’re thrilled to have you here with us – we certainly can’t do it alone. We’d like to invite you to learn more about who we are and to be one of the many individuals and organisations around the world who make continuing Princess Diana’s legacy possible.

THE DIANA AWARD Awarding exceptional young people for selflessly creating and sustaining positive social change. LEARN MORE The Diana Award Spotlight ANTI-BULLYING Engaging young people to change the attitudes, behaviours and culture of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situations, both online and offline. LEARN MORE Anti-Bullying Arrow Anti-Bullying Arrow MENTORING Building the resilience and character of young people by providing guidance in decision making, active citizenship, life and career skills. LEARN MORE Mentoring Building Blocks Mentoring Building Blocks


Get to know The Diana Award Team, our Senior Management Team and our CEO.

  • Tessy Ojo CEO Diana Award Team
    Tessy Ojo CBE
  • Alex Holmes Diana Award Team
    Alex Holmes
    Deputy CEO
    he, him, his
  • Becky Andrew Diana Award Team
    Becky Andrew
    Director of Operations
  • Rachael Stokes
    Director of Programmes
  • Emily Kell
    Head of Anti-Bullying
    she, her, hers | they, them, theirs
  • Caz Pike
    Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Lana Pachay
    Digital Marketing Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Aqua Gail
    Graphic Designer
    they, them, theirs
  • Polly Bray
    HR Advisor
    she, her, hers
  • Josephine Bushby
    Partnerships and Development Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Karen Webb
    Events Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Rosie Jeffery
    Operations and Events Team Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Dana Palii
    Operations and Events Team Administrator
    she, her, hers
  • Hannah Mehmet
    Operations and Events Team Administrator
    she, her, hers
  • Paul Hanmore
    Anti-Bullying Training Manager
  • Imogen Chaillet
    Aftercare Coordinator
  • Fatima Arghandawi
    Operations Manager
  • Jade Cummings-Collymore
    Anti-Bullying Training Coordinator
  • Annette Aiken
    Anti-Bullying Trainer
    she, her, hers
  • Meg Freeman
    Anti-Bullying Trainer
    she, her, hers
  • Lily Curtis
    Aftercare Officer
    she, her, hers
  • Fatou Kane
    Finance Manager
  • Susanna O’Brien
    Impact and Evaluation Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Dr Cornelia Reyes Acosta
    Impact and Evaluation Manager
  • Kate Cole
    Policy Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Linda Hien
    Impact & Evaluation Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Rivka Cocker
    Award and Development Programme Administrator
  • Louise Kinsella-Brown
    Award and Development Programme Coordinator
    she, her, hers
  • Saraniya Thayaparan
    Award and Development Programme Manager
    she, her, hers
  • Sara Sherlock
    Mentoring Programme Manager
  • Kirsty McGowan Diana Award Team
    Kirsty Copley
    Mentoring Programme Coordinator (Leeds)
  • Latoya Gayle
    Mentoring Programme Coordinator (Birmingham)
  • Rebecca Moses
    Mentoring Programme Coordinator (London Lead)
    they, them, theirs
  • Nina Carter-Brown
    Mentoring Programme Coordinator (Jersey)
    she, her, hers
  • Marissa Laing
    Mentoring Programme Coordinator (Mentor and Safeguarding Lead)
    she, her, hers
  • Jack Tricker
    Mentoring Programme Facilitator
    he, him, his
  • Ayanda Sibanda
    Mentoring Programme Facilitator (London)
    she, her, hers
  • Carla Emmanuel
    Mentoring Programme Facilitator (Youth Development)
  • Amber Obasi
    Mentoring Programme Facilitator (London)


Our Board of Trustees help us continue our mission as the living legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better.

© 2020 The Diana Award. The Diana Award is a registered charity (1117288 / SC041916) and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales number 5739137.