Nominate Someone for a Diana Award

The Diana Award is bestowed upon courageous, caring, compassionate young people, transforming the lives of others in Diana, Princess of Wales’ legacy. By nominating young people for the Diana Award you too are about to transform their lives as the Diana Award is an award for life.

The Award is open to young people from across the world and UK Award holders will be celebrated regionally, as part of our UK INSPIRE Series.

Please Note: Nominations for the academic year of 2015 to 2016 are now closed.

Nominations will reopen for the next academic year in September 2016. 


Before you start, download our nomination guide then click on the category below
to submit your nomination



Check out our FAQ’s below. If you still have questions please contact us
Phone: 020 7628 7499

1. How do I nominate a young person for a Diana Award?

Go to and follow the instructions

2. When do the nominations open and close?

The Diana Award nomination period opens on 4 September, 2015 and closes 3rd May, 2016. That means that you can submit your nominations at any point between those two dates. Keep in mind, if you would like your nominee (if successful) to be awarded at a Diana INSPIRE Series event in your region you must submit your nomination by the regional deadlines which can be found in FAQ #4

3. What is the Diana Award INSPIRE Series?

The Diana INSPIRE Series will see the Diana Award team travelling across the UK to meet and award as many of our 2015-2016 successful nominees as possible in Diana, Princess of Wales’ name. Each successful nominee will be invited to attend the INSPIRE event in their region to be given their award in an official ceremony and participate in a day of inspiration and resources to support and empower them to keep up the amazing work and achieve their full potential. This day will also be open to other young people who haven’t received a Diana Award but wish to be more active in their communities and learn about social action and they will surely be inspired by those receiving awards. Dates for INSPIRE Belfast, INSPIRE Manchester, INSPIRE Newcastle, and INSPIRE Scotland are booked for Autumn 2015 and can be found in FAQ #4. If you do not find your region scheduled, please check back here in early 2016 when we will confirm all dates. For further information on the Diana INSPIRE Series please visit INSPIRE Series page

4. When should I submit my nomination by in order for my nominee to be in with a chance of attending their regional INSPIRE series event?

Each successful nominee* will have the opportunity to attend a Diana INSPIRE event in their region to receive their Diana Award and gain advanced skill training in campaigning and community action. Our 2015 event dates have been confirmed and are listed below. Check back here in December for 2016 event dates. *The regional INSPIRE event tickets may be limited for successful group nominations. REGIONAL EVENTS AND REGIONAL NOMINATION DEADLINES


North East – NEWCASTLE25th November 201525th October
North West – MANCHESTER26th November 201525th October
Northern Ireland – BELFAST10th December 201510th November
Scotland11th December 201510th November
South WestSpring 2016  1st March 2016  
South East
East Midlands
West Midlands
Yorkshire and Humber
Final deadline for all 2015/2016 nominations 3rd May 2016
5. If my region’s INSPIRE event deadline has already passed, can I still nominate?
Yes, of course and we would love it if you did! If you miss the regional event deadline or the event altogether, still send in your nomination. If your nomination is successful, we will send you your successful nominee’s certificate and award package by post. Within the package we will provide ideas of how you can celebrate your new Diana Award Holder’s fantastic achievement in an in-school/organization celebration. All 2015-2016 Award Holders will be featured on our National Roll of Honour to be released in July 2016.
6. What region am I in?
See the map below with the regions listed. If you are unsure what region you qualify for please email FAQ-map
7. Is there set criteria for the nomination?
Yes, the young person(s) must be aged 9-18 years at the time of your nomination and must have carried out the activity for 10 months or more. You will need to demonstrate how the young person(s) have gone above and beyond their average peer and what social impact they have made in their community.
8. Can you nominate more than one person?
Yes please! We accept nominations for individuals or groups of young people. Please note that the Diana Courageous Citizen category is for individuals only.
9. Is there a lot of paper work involved in nominating someone?

We have tried to make the form as simple as possible, however, we need enough information to be able to tell how truly special the nominee is! In order for nominations to be eligible we will need: a completed nomination form, one testimonial from someone that has benefited from the work of the nominee and the contact details of an adult that has known the nominee(s) in a professional capacity i.e. not a family member and someone other than yourself.

10. What happens once I’ve submitted a nomination?
You will receive an e-mail notification confirming receipt once you have submitted your nomination so you can rest assured it has been received and is in the queue to be processed by our panel.
11. When will I hear back on the decision of the nomination?
Four weeks prior to your regional INSPIRE event date, you will receive an email notification informing you of the outcome of the nomination, this will be successful or unsuccessful.
12. Why would my nomination be unsuccessful?
Your nomination may be unsuccessful in two instances:

  1. If the nominee(s) do not comply with the set criteria i.e. fall outside of the age bracket or have not been carrying out sustained activity for a period of 10 months
  2. If, after support from The Diana Award, any of the answers to the questions within the nomination form do not pass the scoring process carried out by the assessment panel e.g. if there is not clear evidence of the impact the nominee(s) have had on their community.

You will be contacted if your nomination is unsuccessful.

13. If successful what do the nominees(s) receive as part of the Diana Award?

All successful nominees will receive an invitation to attend the INSPIRE Series event* in their region where the they will receive a certificate signed by the UK Prime Minister in an official ceremony. By becoming a Diana Award Holder they will also receive a social action resource pack and opportunities to join our Network and Mentoring programmes. *The regional event tickets may be limited for successful group nominations.

14. What happens at the INSPIRE Regional event?
Please visit the INSPIRE Series page for full details.
15. What if my Award Holder(s) can’t attend the regional award ceremony?
Don’t fret! If your successful nominee is unable to attend the designated INSPIRE event in their region we will send you (the nominator) their Diana Award by post. See #5 above for more information.
16. What will I receive as a nominator?
If you nomination is successful, you will receive a resource pack to help you contact local press, MP and host an award celebration to recognise your inspirational Award Holder(s) via email.
17. What happens after my successful nominee(s) receive their Award?
The better question is what doesn’t happen once the Award Holder(s) receives their Award?! We encourage all Award Holders to continue the incredible work that got them nominated in the first place! It is our hope that by being recognized in the legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales that Award Holders will be further empowered to get involved in their communities. We’ve had many Award Holder’s MC our events, share their stories on film for our campaigns and speak at our showcases and award ceremonies. Through our Network Programme, Award Holders can sign up to volunteer at one of our events, or spend a week at The Diana Award HQ in London for work experience. We also encourage Award Holders who are 18 or older to sign up to be a youth mentor through our Diana Award Mentoring Programme. A great way to keep in touch for both nominators and Award Holders is to sign up for our monthly newsletter so they can see what opportunities are coming up! For more information on our programmes please click on the link here. These programmes offer life changing opportunities to Award Holders.