The Diana Award: Young people who inspire the lives of others.

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About Us

About us

  • The Diana Award is the only charity that bears the name of the name of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.
  • It is a living legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better.
  • Since 1999, the Diana Award has recognised over 40,000 inspirational and socially active young people.
  • But receiving a Diana Award is only the beginning.
  • Through the Diana Network and our anti-bullying and mentoring programmes, we encourage, empower and engage young people to keep up the good work!

The Diana Award does three things:

  • We encourage young people for their contribution to their communities
  • We empower young people to achieve their full potential
  • We engage young people in social action to make a difference in the lives of others

You can watch our Encourage video [click here], Empower video [click here] and Engage video [click here] for more information.

We believe that young people:

  • Should be celebrated for their contribution to society
  • Should be given the opportunity to grow and develop
  • Should be engaged in social action as early in life as possible.

We aim to:

  • Celebrate young people’s contribution to society
  • Encourage socially responsible young citizens from all walks of life – through training, skills and personal development
  • Reduce bullying in schools and communities
  • Engage motivated and socially responsible young people with disengaged and unemployed young people

Our Programmes:

The Diana Award achieves these aims and beliefs through our core programmes:

1.       The Diana Award Young people receive the Diana Award for being one of the following: Active Campaigners, Anti-bullying Champions, Champion Fundraisers, Champion Volunteers, Courageous Citizens and International Award.

2.       The Diana Network opens doors to work experience, volunteering and campaigning whilst training young people in employability and social action skills. Our training events take place each month across the UK. For more information please email

3.       The Diana Anti-bullying Ambassadors Programme engages young people to take a stand against bullying. We do this by giving them the knowledge, confidence and support to run anti-bullying activities. If you would like more information please contact

4.       The Diana Training and Mentoring Programme engages disadvantaged young people through personal development plans with the support of a dedicated Diana Award Holder Youth Mentor. For more information please email

Proud of our Impact

Every year over 5000 young people are involved in our programmes and every year, we are proud of the impact we make in their lives! In 2013…

  • 96% of young people feel celebrated and recognised through the Diana Award.
  • 92% said that the Diana Award has changed their lives.
  • 91% felt motivated to do more for their communities.
  • 91% reported increased aspiration to do more for their communities.
  • 91% of young people say that being involved with our youth programmes has increased their confidence.

For further information about our work or to partner with us in delivering our objectives, please contact our CEO, Tessy Ojo at: or ringing 0207 628 7499

You can also join us on Twitter and Facebook

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