We are keen to involve the young people we work with in all aspects of our anti-bullying programmes, including through our National Youth Board. Our Youth Board members are young people from across England who are passionate about tackling bullying behaviour; they have a wide range of experiences and backgrounds and some have directly experienced bullying behaviour in the past. Their feedback helps The Diana Award to shape of our anti-bullying programmes, as well as the safety strategies of some of our partner organisations. Our Youth Board members often represent The Diana Award at external events, so keep an eye out and you may get to meet them soon!


“I wanted to join the Youth Board because I wanted my school to become a safer place since the Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme did not exist throughout my time in secondary school and I would also like to contribute to both the school and wider communities. In terms of what I would like to achieve during my time as a member of the Youth Board, I would like to be able to learn more about types of bullying so that I may educate other people both in a school environment and in the wider community and tackle this pressing issue. In three words, I would describe myself as being creative and prudent, but laidback.”


“I chose to apply for The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Youth Board after I watched the documentary ‘Odd One Out ‘ about cyber bullying ; it really opened my eyes to the issue of bullying and its effect on young people. I really want to help people overcome their own experiences, feel better about themselves and to educate others on the impact of bullying.”


“I want to stop bullying in every way, shape and form because I firmly believe that it is something that nobody should go through. I’ve been an anti-bullying ambassador for a little over a year now and have helped get our very own campaign up and running, but now I want to spread the message further!”


“Throughout primary school, whilst I found it a safe and comfortable place to be, I would often come across bullying, whether it was my friend being excluded, or me passing a comment. At first, I never knew the effects could be so grand, but when I discovered that my previous stresses and problems were due to anxiety, I felt relieved that I had an explanation. Since then, I’ve noticed patterns and trends which worsen and lesser the effects of my mental health, and have set out to share my experiences and methods of dealing with bullies and stresses through writing an autobiography, by trying to make things relatable in hopes that somebody, even if it just one person, finds it useful. I hope to broaden this skill with help from the Youth Board as we work together to achieve our goals.”


“If I had to sum myself up in 3 words, I would say adventurous, supportive and determined.  Bullying behaviour can affect you in many negative ways, however, for me, it encouraged me to want to change the fact that people were being bullied and make it known that bullying is wrong. I wanted to join the Youth Board to help develop my knowledge and skills and make sure young people’s voices are heard.”


“The reason I wanted to apply for the Youth Board was I wanted to expand my knowledge of anti-bullying to make the work that I do in school more detailed and accurate. I joined the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at the start of the academic year (2016) and doing this in the first year of secondary school was scary and I like having the trust of other students who come and talk to me and other Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. So, when the opportunity of the Youth Board came up, I decided to apply. At first I was not expecting to make it through to the final stage due to the amount of other people that had applied but when I found out that I made it, I really wanted to make sure that I used this place to my advantage. Being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has helped me to reach out to people and give a voice to those who do not feel like they can speak out for themselves.”


“In 2016 I trained to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador for my school. Since then I have supported my fellow students with any issues, as well as raising awareness of different forms of bullying and the potential consequences that they have. My passion is around all aspects of mental health, as all can have the same detrimental effects. Not only do I want to make a significant difference to those suffering in school, I aspire to teach people the impact that they can have on someone else’s mental health in the workplace, online and in the community. After all, bullying doesn’t stop when you leave school, it can manifest into people’s working lives. To teach people the right coping mechanisms now would equip them for adulthood and potentially save lives.”


“I think it is a matter of paramount importance that young people are empowered – as we are the future! Although it can be hard to feel like you have the power to do somethingto change something, when there are issues like bullying and we tear each other down rather than building each other up.  I’m sure no one is estranged to the feeling of being bullied or at least having negativity thrust upon them which, whilst sad, is true, and I, certainly, am no stranger to that feeling – which is why I hope to stop it being the norm and uphold something I believe should be universally true: the days of our childhood are the best of our lives. I hope to help keep it that way!”


“I am very passionate to stop all forms of bullying. It is a topic we need to be above on and as a team and community we can do bit by bit to break down bullying. As a member of the Youth Board, I would love to focus on minimalizing cyber-bullying to allow people to feel safe online and not have to worry where their next message is going to come from. People online should leave an app/social media happy and content, which is my main goal from working alongside The Dianna Award. I have helped young schools with staying safe, yet I want to go further. I want to help more people than that and I want to see change.”



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