Jayne Copeland

Diana Champion Volunteer

After being diagnosed with a malignant melanoma Jayne decided she wanted to use her spare time to help others in the local community.

Teenage Cancer Trust was one of the charities that helped Jayne deal with the changes that were happening and helped her deal with the whole process of understanding and coming to terms with having cancer. Due to their support Jayne wanted to help them as much as they had helped her so she organised a 6 hour sponsored silence within her own school with many of her friend participating for the whole school day. She did a sponsored silence with her mum for 24 hours and raised a total of £610.

Within the local community Jayne volunteered in both the local nursing home for 2 hours a week, and in the children’s ward in Wishaw General Hospital. She also helped out younger kids at the dance school as well as lunch clubs, peer support, summer school and paired reading within her school.


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