Brad James

Diana Champion Volunteer

I was absolutely delighted to receive my Princess Diana Award on behalf of Carlton Road Youth Centre for my contributions to children’s services.

When I was 18 years old, I worked as a volunteer youth worker in the evenings whilst studying at college. The youth centre which I work, is on the estate where I live, so I feel that it is important that people put things back into the community.

Also as part of my job role I am involved in a performing arts group on a Monday night which as formed by youth workers, the name of the group is called Optimum Performance, where I played an active part for over a year. The youth group is for young people between the ages of 11-19 who can come into the centre to participate in activities such as singing, dancing and drama, they all work towards performing shows for their parents, friends and family to come and watch every term.

I also lead the Boston youth council, the team consists of three members of the youth council who have come together to take on the challenge to open a new project, which was established to engage young people to come together within their local community and engage with people they wouldn’t normally do so with. The project is very successful and consists of 8 volunteers as well as 29 members who often attend.

In addition to this, I have also took on the challenge of starting a knife crime project as part of my youth work and managed to create a portfolio for evidence. As part of this, I had the opportunity to establish contact and work with professional organisations such as the local police, social workers and agencies who specialise in knife crime. I also had the opportunity to go around local schools to explain the importance of knife crime, as well as showing them a video which was directed by myself. I felt this had a massive impact on the local community, and In the following year, knife crime dropped by 12%.

Do you know an inspiring young person you want to nominate for a Diana Award?