Aled Griffiths

Diana Champion Volunteer

Aled is truly a shining example of Princess Diana’s belief that young people can change the world. After 12 operations and 9 months in hospital, Aled has overcome extreme physical limitations and disabilities associated with VACTERL birth defects.

Through his experience that has included bullying, he has turned his challenges in life into an opportunity to not only help others afflicted with the same medical issues but also the greater medical community.  He has taken part in medical research in Washington DC at the National Institute for Health, has given multiple talks to nurses and doctors on his experiences and how to better treat patients like himself, and he campaigns on behalf of the VACTERL association, Mitrofanoff Support and the Plymouth Rotary club.

Aled always has an eye on the bigger picture and he’s able to tailor his message to anyone whether they be nurses, doctors, peers, executives, or political figures which is evidence of his maturity at only  eleven years old. One thing is certain, Aled’s message is always clear: anything is possible with perseverance and endeavour.

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