Abhinav Singla

International Diana Award

It all started for me in Grade 6, when my science teacher told me about environment conservation. Later on, i went home and researched about it and felt quite concerned. Though i had no idea about what i could do about it. After that, i joined the Eco-Club in my school, and volunteered in various environmental events.

In grade 9, i was selected to lead some environmental youth groups and then i started organising environmental awareness events and lead my organisation to various places to spread awareness.

When i came to grade 11, I wanted to do something which would create actual impact rather than just awareness. Then, after a lot of thought, IĀ initiated the Clean Up Sharjah Campaign and eventually became the Founder of the very first student initiated campaign in my country, The UAE as this campaign became a massive success with a support from over 500 volunteers and through this campaign i was able to give a massive amount of recyclables and other waste to waste management authorities for proper disposal.

Due to this project, I won the Sharjah Environment Awareness Award and was also selected as Tunza Eco-Gen Youth Ambassador as a representative from my country. My grade 6 science teacher, now calls me proudly ” A True Eco-Warrior”. I always say ” Like you dont wait for someone else to come and do your daily work, Similarly dont wait for someone else to come and save your mother earth” and this motivates to make further strides in my mission of environmental conservation.

The Diana award has given a big boost to me in the form of motivation and inner strength and i truly want to thank the entire team of the diana award for presenting me with this award.

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