WeWork and The Diana Award launch inaugural mentorship scheme; connects innovative companies with innercity schoolchildren to create first-of-its-kind programme to train workforce of the future

16 July 2018

WeWork, in partnership with Hackney Council and The Diana Award, will run its first week-long mentorship programme from 16-20 July. During the week, WeWork will welcome students into its spaces for workshops, work experience with its member companies, and networking opportunities.

The students, who have been selected and interviewed by The Diana Award, are in Year 10-12, aged 15-18, and come from two schools neighbouring WeWork’s London Fields location: Our Lady’s Convent High School and Cardinal Pole in Hackney.

The Diana Award, WeWork and Hackney Council launch the Mentorship Scheme in London on Monday 16 July.

Photograph courtesy of WeWork

WeWork is home to over 250,000 members, and companies ranging from large corporates such as HSBC and Microsoft to growing companies and entrepreneurs.

The Diana Award is a leading youth charity that runs a series of programmes including a Mentoring Programme that pairs volunteer mentors from local businesses with pre-GCSE teens to give them an insight into the world of work and career skills training. The programme places a strong emphasis on social action; mentors and mentees work together to develop a campaign around a social issue that affects their community.

The scheme will see mentors come from a wide range of companies including Centrica Hive, the multinational energy and services company’s smart home technology platform, based in WeWork’s Aldwych House location, as well as startups such as Teardusk, a social enterprise and creative agency, and Joto, a tech-based design studio, both winners of WeWork’s Creator Awards in 2017.

The goal of the week is to offer opportunities with WeWork’s member companies that young people would not necessarily be exposed to. Many of these companies didn’t exist a few years ago, and many of the jobs have only emerged in the past few years. Students were interviewed and selected for this competitive programme and the week will help young people define how to get into a career they are interested in.

The students will spend two full days with their companies, and two full days of workshops, as well as traditional WeWork social breakfast and a graduation ceremony to end the week, with informal networking to land an internship or discuss next steps in their careers.

Flatiron School, a coding bootcamp whose mission is to enable a better life through education, has been acquired by WeWork and will run an introductory session for young people as part of the mentorship programme. During this workshop, they will learn the basics of coding first hand with our instructors in London. We believe knowing how to code will be a skill necessary for the future of work, and are excited to be able to start exposing young people to it.

“WeWork has over 250,000 members within its community and an absolutely vast range of companies and jobs, many of which didn’t exist 10 or 20 years ago. We’re excited to be launching a mentoring programme with Hackney Council and Diana Award that gives young people access to the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the workplaces of the future, and that we’ve already received such a high demand for the programme that we’ll be bringing it back in October this year.”

Anthony Yazbeck, COO of WeWork Europe

“At Hackney Council we are committed to creating opportunities for our young people as a means of tackling poverty and inequality. This commitment includes ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to acquire the skills they need to develop a successful career. Our own inhouse apprenticeship scheme and Hackney 100 placements are examples of this and we are committed to working with WeWork and The Diana Award to create further opportunities for our young residents through the Mentorship Week programme”

Cllr Carole Williams, Head of Employment, Skills and Human Resources at Hackney Council

“At The Diana Award we know the difference that mentoring relationships can make to a young person. We’re excited to launch this new initiative in partnership with WeWork. The aim of the programme is to rebrand the idea of work experience to offer career insight that is fun, valuable and mirrors the modern professional landscape. Being based at a WeWork, we know the powerful communities and inspiring businesses that exist in each building and the difference this work experience will make to a young person considering the world of work.”

Alex Holmes, Deputy CEO of The Diana Award


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