• 56% of Brits have received a ‘random act of kindness’ from a stranger
  • Women are more likely to receive an act of kindness then men
  • Millennials more likely to receive random acts of kindness then Generation X or Baby Boomers
  • Londoners are most likely to receive a random act of kindness, whilst the West Midlands is the least
  • 30% of parents nurture kindness in their children from birth

31 March 2017

New research today has revealed that we are caring nation ahead of National Kindness Day which takes place on Friday 31st March to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the late Princess’s death.

Almost 3 out 5 (56%) Brits have experienced a random act of kindness in the last year, with generous acts ranging from strangers giving them a compliment (34%), to providing directions when they have been lost (20%); and even offering to pay for their drink or food (10%).

When it comes to gender, the research suggests women are more likely to receive a random act of kindness from a stranger than men with only half of men surveyed saying they have received an act of kindness in the last 12 months compared to over 3 in 5 women. Millennials are also more likely to receive a random act of kindness than any other generation with Generation X the least likely.

London sheds its unfriendly reputation as it’s revealed over 3 in 5 Londoners have received a random act of kindness, closely followed by people in Scotland (61%) and the North West (61%). However, those surveyed in the West Midlands were found to have experienced the least (44%) random acts of kindness in the last 12 months.

The Diana Award National Kindness Day family partner Clangers, has also commissioned research into kindness, asking 1,400 parents of 2-6 year olds how they teach their children to be kind. The study, carried out by One Poll, found that 30% of UK parents try to nurture kindness in their children from birth, and a quarter wait until age two.

Furthermore, across Britain, more than 50% of parents nurture kind behaviour in their children by being kind themselves, this rises to 63% of parents in the East Midlands, who top the table. 30% of parents across Britain, teach kindness by undertaking kind acts with their children, rising to a huge 47% in the South East.

National Kindness Day was created in memory of the late Princess Diana by The Diana Award, the charity legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world. Now in its third year, The Diana Award is encouraging people, from across the UK, to do something kind for someone else in remembrance of Princess Diana to celebrate her values.

Tessy Ojo commented, Chief Executive, The Diana Award commented: “It’s heartening to see that as a nation we’re kind and caring – but these new statistics also highlight there’s much more we can do to make us even kinder. That’s why we’re kick-starting a campaign of kindness on National Kindness Day in memory of Princess Diana. We’re encouraging everyone to do something kind for someone else and let us know about it.”

The Diana Award is looking to inspire and harness 20,000 tangible acts of kindness throughout 2017 which will be logged on a special microsite: www.diana-award.org.uk/kindnessday. The charity will also be partnering with various organisations to celebrate the day which will be announced at a later date.

In the lead-up to National Kindness Day, a special gala performance of the Olivier award winning Kinky Boots took place on Wednesday 29 March at the Adelphi Theatre in aid of The Diana Award. The money raised went towards their successful peer to peer anti-bullying programme which empowers young people to tackle bullying in their schools and communities.

The Diana Award has also announced their partnership with Coolabi Group’s much-loved brand the Clangers, the kind-hearted small pink mouse-like creatures who live on a little blue planet are supporting National Kindness Day 2017 as the charity’s family partner. The Clangers have been spreading kindness since their recent return to the BBC with a new TV series narrated by Michael Palin.

Clangers have made a video ‘Talking Kindness’ asking UK children for their thoughts on kindness, what kindness means, and why we all need to be kind, with some beautiful results. You can see and share the film here.

To get involved and for more information on National Kindness Day inspired by Princess Diana’s legacy, please visit: www.diana-award.org.uk/kindnessday


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