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In the UK today, too many young people grow up without a positive role model in their lives.

Without these role models, young people do not have anyone to turn to for advice and guidance for the future. In a world where we teach young people to dream big, as a society we often fail in helping them to turn these dreams into reality.

This is why in 2012, at The Diana Award we launched our Mentoring Programme. Since then, the programme has supported more than 4,000 young people connecting them with mentors from the world of work who have supported them to raise their aspirations and learn key skills which will support them in their future career.

In 2020 we want to offer opportunities to more young people in more regions across the UK. Our aim is to support 2,000 young people and recruit 500 mentors. Princess Diana believed that young people have the power to change the world. But young people cannot change it alone. They will need guidance, they will need support, and many of them will need mentors.

Join us today as we work together to uplift the next generation of young people.


Want to get your organisation involved in the Mentoring Programme? This is a letter template you can download and personalise to encourage your company to take part.

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