Since receiving his Diana Award earlier this year, Cory has been impassioned to continue to make a positive difference through various other projects. Here he explains what he wants to do to change the world.

27 November 2018
There are many things happening in the world today, and I believe us kids can help change the world. I received the prestigious Diana Award earlier this year. In receiving this reward, it made me feel thankful but humble because I never knew my voice would matter. After getting this award it made me see that kids can help change the world. I want other young people to make a change in this world also. I want other kids to stand up and fight for what they believe in. There are a number of things I would like to see changed in the world… I want to work on issues like world hunger. I feel we need to tackle world hunger by offering more job opportunities to people. I’ve been inspired by this quote:
“If you teach a man to fish, he would be able to feed his family for life. If you give a man a fish his family will starve.”
I think it’s also important to offer at-risk kids like me get scholarships for college. Did you know, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, in 2016 only 69.7 percent of high school students were enrolled in college? This means 30.3 percent didn’t go to college. I believe that we should introduce a second chance scholarship, so that high school students in their senior year can have a second chance to bring up their grades. I think a programme like this could help more kids have a bright future.
Cory Nieves, Diana Award holder.
Thirdly, tackling gun violence is a topic I am also passionate about. There are many options to resolve gun violence. For instance, in Britain, the only people who carry guns are high ranking officers and the military. I believe this should be the same elsewhere, and that the military forces and high-ranking police officers should be the only people allowed to carry firearms. I would also love to create a social services programme for single mothers. My mother is a single mother and I can see how hard it is for her to take care of me. If it’s hard for her, I know it must be hard for other single mothers in the world. I want to create a programme that will offer the following:  
  • Day care for their children
  • Job opportunities for mothers
  • Help with public transportation
  • Summer/winter youth programmes for teenagers
  • Food banks if needed
  • Professional wear donated for mothers and kids
  • Single mothers support group
  • Support groups for at-risk kids
Cory’s passion for making a positive difference is endless!
I think this type of programme could support single mothers to get back on their feet, and show them that they are not alone. One of the biggest problems in the world is global warming. We as humans are hurting the earth by wasting water, littering, driving too much, cutting down trees, and building more and more buildings. The earth is getting warmer every day and if it keeps getting warmer then sea levels will continue to rise and threaten life. According to NASA, the global sea level has risen by 8 inches since reliable records began in 1880, and it is projected to rise by up to 4 feet more by 2100. We can stop global warming by reducing air pollution, using renewable energy, reducing water waste, and driving less. We need to take action, or else we’re going to be using boats instead of cars, like in Venice! We need to take care of the planet, because it’s the only planet we have. So getting the Diana Award does not mean I have accomplished my mission. It means my mission is just beginning! I hope that others can do the same. Remember, dream six impossible things before you wake up in the morning. If you know anyone who you think should be nominated for a Diana Award, then go ahead and nominate them.

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