Over eight months in the making, our Change_Maker campaign has been shining a spotlight on twelve inspirational young people who are making a change around the world. Two of our Change_Makers – Cory and Faith – are now sharing their journey to becoming the face of this international campaign.

22 March 2016

What was it like when you were first asked to be a part of the #ChangeMakers campaign?

Faith: I wasn’t sure what being a Change_Maker fully meant yet, but when I found out that I would be flying to London for a photo shoot, I was beyond excited!

It is an honour to be invited to be a #Change_Maker, representing Canada. I was grateful for the opportunity to encourage Canadians to nominate the next wave of Diana Award recipients! There is no greater honour for youth, than to carry on the legacy of compassion and kindness that Diana was known for.

Cory: When I found out that I was to be a Diana Award Change_Maker, I screamed so loud! I called my mom to tell her the good news. I was surprised, because I didn’t think people from Britain would choose me for this huge honour!

You both travelled quite far for the campaign, from Canada and the US. Can you tell us a bit about your journey?

Faith: It was a pleasant surprise to meet the pilots when we arrived at the gate and were leaving the airplane! British Airways are a proud sponsor of this campaign, so it was great to fly with them. The flight was wonderful! The customer service staff were patient and welcoming, and the flight attendants were helpful as we boarded.

Cory: My experience on British Airways was also epic! The flight attendants were kind and the food was amazing! It was the best food and my plane ride was one of the best flights I’ve ever taken!

Faith won the Diana Award in 2017

What was it like to be on set for the 2 day photoshoot?

Faith: When I arrived at the #Change_Makers photo shoot, it was great to meet The Diana Award team again! It was a real treat to have my hair and make-up done, and to meet the other #Change_Makers. I was happy to see Amaan, Jonathan and Nikhiya, fellow Legacy Award recipients who I’d met before. It was so amazing to have the chance to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones.

I ended up spending a lot of time with fellow Change_Maker Cody and his Mom Denise, who are from Edinburgh, Scotland. By the end of the trip, Cody felt like my new little brother. I keep in touch with him and Daniella from Ireland. I’m thankful The Diana Award has brought us all together! It’s pretty special to have friends from other countries around the world.

Cory: The Change_Maker photoshoot was amazing! The Diana Award staff were really kind and we all had tons of fun. After the photoshoot, I walked around London with my mom. It was just incredible to see the history and my favourite place was Buckingham Palace. When I went there it was raining really bad in London style, but I still got to see Buckingham Palace for a few seconds which was awesome.

When I first met my fellow #Change_Makers, I was happy to meet other kids who also like to change the world!

Cory was a recipient of the Diana Award in 2018

Any final thoughts on what it means to be a Change_Maker and to have been a part of the campaign?

Faith: I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a Change_Maker and to represent Canada. I know many young people across our country who are making a huge difference for local and global causes. I hope my involvement in the campaign urges people to nominate these inspiring young people!

Cory: When I left London I was sad to leave, but happy to have met so many kind people making a difference in the world! I felt proud to be able to spread my joy and love across the world through this campaign.


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