1. Nominations can be made by any adult who is not a family member and is known to the nominee in a professional capacity e.g. a teacher or youth worker. Nominations made by family members will be invalid. Nominations made by friends with no professional relationship with the young person will also be invalid. A young person cannot nominate themselves for an award under any circumstances.
  2. Another adult who is not a family member, is known to the young person in a professional capacity and is not the nominator must act as a reference provider should The Diana Award need to verify any information submitted in a nomination for any reason.
  3. Nominations must be supported by a statement written by a direct beneficiary of the activities that the nominee is being nominated for. This should be an adult or young person who cannot be the nominator and can only be a family member if they are being cared for by the nominee.
  4. Nominators, nominees, nominating organisations, beneficiaries and reference providers can all be based either inside or outside the United Kingdom. Nominators, nominees and nominating organisations do not have to be based in the same country.
  5. Nominees must be aged between 9 and 18 (inclusive) at the time of nomination. Retrospective nominations cannot be made for young people who sit outside of this age bracket who carried out activities when they were within it.
  6. Nominees must have carried out the activities for which they are being nominated for a minimum of 12 months.
  7. Related only to The Diana Award: Nominations can be made for individual young people or groups of young people. Nominations made for groups of young people must contain evidence relevant to the activities of all members of the nominated group. Nominators who wish to nominate groups of young people are encouraged to refer to the Nomination Guidelines to identify which of their young people are eligible for nomination.
  8. Related only to The Legacy Award: Nominations can only be made for individual young people. Nominators who are nominating groups of young people for The Diana Award are encouraged to refer to the Nomination Guidelines to identify which of their young people may be eligible for The Legacy Award. Nominators must complete all sections of the nomination form as well as The Legacy Award section.
  9. All nominations must be made online through The Diana Award’s website where full nomination guidelines and FAQs can be found. Any nominations emailed or posted will not be accepted. The Diana Award accepts no responsibility for failure to submit a nomination through a nominator experiencing any form of technology or internet issue.
  10. Nominations must be made by 5:00pm on the date of the current nomination deadline. Nominations received after this date will not be accepted.
  11. Nominators may make multiple nominations but a nominee may only be entered once each year.
  12. Should a nominee for The Diana Award or The Legacy Award be successful the nominee will become a Diana Award Holder or a Legacy Award Holder, respectively. If you know an existing Diana Award Holder who you think would be eligible for the new Legacy Award please get in touch with the team.
  13. Once a nomination is made all communications regarding the nomination will be made through the nominator including queries and notification of the outcome of the nomination. The Diana Award will not make contact with the nominee regarding the outcome of the nomination and encourages nominators to nominate in secret to save disappointment should the nomination be unsuccessful.
  14. In the instance that the judging panel require clarification or further information related to information provided in a nomination the nominator may be contacted to provide further information within a set timeframe. Failure to meet the deadline for this submission may result in a nomination being unsuccessful.
  15. The Diana Award reserves the right to withdraw an award if it becomes apparent that false information has knowingly been provided to support a nominee’s case.
  16. All information included in a nomination form will become the property of The Diana Award. Copies of information included in a nomination form can only be requested by the nominator.
  17. By submitting a nomination the nominator gives consent for The Diana Award to publish the “Opening Statement”, which may be edited, in The Roll of Honour, in press releases and at events. Content from other sections within the nomination form may also be used in this way but none that is sensitive without the permission of the nominator.
  18. The decision of The Regional Panels and International Panel is final as is that of The Diana Award in all matters related to nominations and assessments of The Diana Award and The Legacy Award.
  19. The Diana Award reserves the right to make amendments to all of the above terms and conditions and having done so would announce this publicly online.

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