Marysoll & Mayara Monteiro

International Diana Award

“In 2012 my sister went to a technological high school in a neighbourhood called Sarapuí (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and I went to another school. My sister used to come home crying after school and it was always the same reason: she couldn’t put up watching injured and starved animals dying in front of her on the streets every day. She decided to move to another campus in a different neighbourhood; however, for the first time in my life I thought that she was taking the wrong decision. She would ignore those animals like everybody else as if not was happening. After a long talk, we decided to face the problem and do our best to improve those animals’ lives. In September of 2013, the Irmãos de Quatro Patas (four-legged brothers) began. At the beginning everything seemed too hard. But with much dedication and optimism we achieved our goals. We work rescuing the most injured animals in Sarapuí. We put these animals in a temporary home until they are healthy; we take them to a city hall program that performs castration; we vaccinate and take them to adoption fairs on weekends in order to find a family for them. The project is divided in four segments: financial (we sell candy and hold raffles to pay for the animals’ treatment), awareness (we teach people about the law that protects the animals and how to denounce mistreatment), adoption (we take the animals to the adoption fairs) and raising awareness (we shout about the project on social media). Because of our project, my sister and I were nominated for the Diana Award Champion Volunteer of 2015 and it was an honour to receive it.”

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