Jonathan Lowe

Diana Champion Fundraiser

Jonathan Lowe got a nasty shock when he walked into his headteacher’s office and found his mother and father sitting inside – he thought he was in trouble! Instead he was told he’d been nominated for the Diana Award.

Well-deserved recognition for all the work he’d done on behalf of the Bubble Appeal Foundation, including the effort he’d put in to encourage the 18th Gateshead Boys’ Brigade to hold sponsored and fundraising events.

Receiving the Diana Award has inspired Jonathan to redouble his efforts on other people’s behalf: “I have been carrying on my work at Boys Brigade and trying to raise money through fundraisers both for the company and the Bubble Appeal. I am also an active volunteer at a youth club, and I am also trying to raise lots more interest in it”.

Do you know an inspiring young person you want to nominate for a Diana Award?