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Young people tackle climate change

To mark National Climate Week, Diana Award holder Alex Farrow hosted a climate week event on 23rd March at the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund in London.

Alex who is also the Co-Director the UK Youth Climate Coalition, UKYCC, led training and exercises on how to take action on climate change.

Twenty-nine young people from across the UK attended and shared how their schools and communities are helping to combat climate change and support their environment.

Long Eaton School and The Isle of Sheppey Academy received certificates from the UKYCC for implementing eco-friendly projects.

Diana Award holder Joshua Powell from Cranbrook School, presented his environmental project Sustainable Seas. For more information click here.

The event showcased young peoples’ commitment to tackling climate change and provided more tools and inspiration to help improve our environment for everyone.

The Diana Award would like to give special thanks to Alex Farrow for putting together a great event and extend our gratitude to those that participated.

We certainly hope next year’s event will be bigger and better.

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