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Celebrating Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Google

At the end of April the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors team held an Anti-Bullying Showcase at Google Headquarters to highlight the anti-bullying initiatives of 60 Ambassadors from across 10 schools in England. There was an atmosphere of positivity that spread from the staff to the various VIPs, celebrities and schools that were gathered. The event officially began with speeches from Alex Holmes – Anti-Bullying Programme Manager and Nick Gibb – Minister of State for Schools. They drove home the importance of the program and how essential it was to keep it going.

A short film about each schools’ anti-bullying work was played,  these films highlighted the powerful impact the program has had on students and the school environment. The Magna Carta school tackled the topic of homophobia that an ambassador described as one of the last remaining prejudices. After each video there was a Q&A section led by a celebrity and the ambassadors from each school, this gave an interactive feel to the session and allowed the ambassadors to expand on their work.

There was a short performance by Diana Award Ambassadors Twist and Pulse that added lightness and more fun to what was otherwise a serious topic.

All of the Ambassadors were presented with the Diana Anti-Bullying Champion Award as an acknowledgement for their hard work and commitment to tackling bullying.

The above videos as well as a host of others can be viewed here.

If you or your school would like more ideas, the above link will inspire much stimulation and encouragement.

For further information regarding work that will commence in the 2nd year of the programme; please contact Alex via phone or email: 0207 921 4575/ or Didi: 0207 921 4574/ If you would prefer to write in the address is: Diana Award, 2nd floor The Oasis Centre, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7HS.

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