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Award Holder to carry Olympic Torch through Wolverhampton

on Saturday 30th June.

Diana Couragous Citizen, 22 year old Ceri Davies will carry the Olympic torch through Wolverhampton on Saturday.

Ceri is one of 8,000 inspirational people chosen to carry the Olympic torch. She said: “It will be a very proud day and I’m nervous but excited at the same time. It is an honour to carry the Olympic torch. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is having my family, friends and supporters there to cheer me on. I feel like it is recognition for the volunteering and youth work I’ve done, and for the other young people I’ve worked with and everyone who has supported me.”

Ceri received the Diana Award at 15 for her work as a dedicated and active member of Dudley Youth Council. Ceri has cerebral palsy and  spina bifida and is permanently in a wheelchair. Despite this, she is determined to do everything she can to support disadvantaged young people and works with numerous charities. Since receiving the Diana Award Ceri has played a big role in the organisation and, she is a member of the Youth Advisory Board and the Network Advisory Board. She was a speaker at the United Nations Rights of a Child conference in 2005 through the Diana Award

Ceri’s most recent project is More Mascots Please which has received a small amount of funding through 02 Think Big Campaign. The project works with mascots and disabled young people to build self confidence and enjoyment. She is looking to spread the campaign wider by applying for more funding and support.

Most recently Ceri has gone on to set up her own consultancy company, CD Participation Services, which offers research, motivational speaking and youth work. She visits schools in the Dudley area, to teach young people to actively participate in their community, encouraging volunteering and more cohesive environment.

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