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Get involved: Anti-Bullying Manager on Channel 5 with Jodie Marsh

Alex Holmes, the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme Manager, was a previously a victim of bullying and now runs the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme.

In the TV episode Alex shows Jodie creative ways of tackling bullying in schools by spreading positive vibes with compliment and smile days. Alex ends the day with a balloon release, with young people’s pledges attached, to show a colorful display of young peoples’ commitment to tackling bullying.

To watch the programme now click here.

Can you help Alex? Alex would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your experience of bullying, offer him support or get involved. Alex also really needs help with funding to make his project National email: or call 0845 337 2987. To see a video containing more of Alex’s Anti-Bullying work as a Diana Award Holder click here

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Stand up! Speak out! Event on 6th February – Essex.

If you are passionate about stamping out bullying and are aged 19 and under, or would like your school to take part in our next Anti-Bullying Ambassadors event in the East region on 6th February, then get in touch.

The Speak Up! Speak Out! training event will be held in Basildon, Essex. The aim of the training event is to give Anti-Bullying Ambassadors confidence in campaigning skills and inspirational ideas, so that the young people feel motivated and more confident to tackle bullying within their schools and community in a pioneering way, with the Diana Award supporting them along the way.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme is free with lunch provided. We only require for schools to pay for their transportation to the event. We are currently recruiting for this event on a first come first served basis so be quick! Spread the word in your School/Academy/College. Get staff to nominate online or contact the Anti-Bullying Ambassador’s Team, Didi Yvonne via e-mail: or call 020 7921 4574.

Alex and JodieJodie, Alex and Zoe





2 Responses to “Get involved: Anti-Bullying Manager on Channel 5 with Jodie Marsh”

  1. Natasha Odita

    Hello hun, I’ve tweeted you and send an email too, but you asked me to send to this one.

    Basically after watching the show and being the owner of Camp Cupcake in Liverpool I wanted to make contact to see if we could get involved, how we could get involved and any ideas or suggestions you may have. Bullying is something that’s close to my heart being bullied myself whilst at school and then becoming a bully whilst at senior school, after being bullied into! It really is a vicious circle.

    Anyhow, if you could let me know how we could help I would appreciate that.

    Kind regards


  2. Sarah Lewis

    Hi, I have just watched the channel 5 show again regarding bullying and it was a great show.
    As someone who was bullied at school for being different, I can empathise how hard it is dealing with bullying at the time and also later in life as an adult.
    I now perform an anti-bullying show show for primary aged children, using magic to get the message across, with the aim of empowering the children to ask for help.
    If there is any way we can help each other with the main aim of vanishing the bullies, then please get in touch.
    Looking forward to hearing from you


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