The Kindness Count

Share your kindness stories! This year we are collecting 20,000 stories of kind acts, no matter how small. If you’ve done or seen something kind, add your story to the Kindness Count and we will shout out about it for National Kindness Day!

Need inspiration? Here are some suggested kind acts which you could carry out to celebrate National Kindness Day: Give a compliment to somebody you don’t know, Spend some of your free time volunteering at a local charity, Send a surprise gift, Help out a neighbour, Hold a cake sale to raise money for a cause you believe in, Write positive notes to your classmates or colleagues.

Kind Acts registered so far...

Our Kindness Inspiration

20 years since her death, Princess Diana continues to inspire us with her commitment to kindness and compassion. Find out more about her life’s work and why she is still known as ‘The People’s Princess’.

Our mission is to inspire and recognise social action in young people.

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