The Diana Award: Young people who inspire the lives of others.

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Fahan’s Story

Fahan, aged 18 from London is a Diana Active Campaigner. Read More

Alizay from Unite

My name is Alizay Agha, I’m 14 years old and attend Kingsbury High School. I have one dream, one ambition and one goal: to make a difference, whether big or small.

As part of a group called UNITE we received our Diana Anti-Bullying Champion award in summer 2011. UNITE is a group run by young mediators certified by PERRLINK. We run games and activities at lunchtime and guide children through conflict.

When I received my Award it inspired me! I researched different opportunities and Lady Diana herself. I came across a Pakistani organisation called ‘REHEL’ for disadvantaged children. I contacted the director and she suggested an internship at the children’s hospital rainbow club for terminally ill young children. I attended certified Child Abuse training and then started my internship in the Children’s Hospital – Lahore.

I played with the children, taught them how to read and write in English and bonded with them very well! From 10 – 1pm I was a friend, even after those hours their smiles wouldn’t escape my mind.

I enjoyed everything from the dancing to the learning! I feel I am more humble and caring now. I realised all the happened in life would never outshine the time I spent at the Rainbow Club.


Binda’s Story


When Binda Bhudia was presented with her Diana Award, she was as shocked as she was delighted that her work on behalf of her school and community was being recognised in such a prestigious way. “I was over the moon when my teacher announced my name and presented me with my Award in front of my peers,” she recalls.

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