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Abu’s story

My name is Abu Bakr Syddek, I’m 17 and I currently live in Sandwell. Having volunteered my time, expertise and skills for several years as a youth officer and chairman of the Smethwick Youth Forum at the Bangladeshi Islamic Centre I was nominated for the Diana Champion Volunteer Award and received the award in 2011.

When I had received the news that my nomination was successful I was absolutely thrilled and I had realised that my hard work and enthusiasm in the voluntary work that I had carried out had paid off. To celebrate my achievement the Bangladeshi Islamic Centre had organised a conference called ‘Building For A Better Future’ where I was awarded the certificate by Musleh Uddin (Founding member of the Bangladeshi Islamic Centre). This meant a lot to me as I have really worked hard over the years and hope to continue the work which I am currently doing.

I’m the kind of person who loves helping people and making the community I live in a better place. I aspire to make a difference in my community and hope to become a Councillor or an MP through the support of the people in my community.

5 Responses to “Abu’s story”

  1. Anam Choudhury

    Abu with his generous, responsible, calm and sincere attitude is an excellent role model for the young people of Sandwell. He provides an inspirational leadership. We all wish him all the best now and in the future. He will certainly have my vote in any future elections!

  2. Hasan Imam

    Abu has helped the community and the youths for several years now. He has made people realised what an inspiration he is. Surely he will be successful in the up coming future.

  3. Mr A Matin

    Well done Abu. You are an inspiration to the youth of Sandwell. You deserved it. We hope, your dreams come true, you become an MP of your locality.

  4. Sultan Ahmed

    This is really well deserved Abu, congratulations! It’s always a real pleasure working with you becasue you are inspiring, an excellent role model and have a wicked sense of humour! The Diana Award exists to recognise the hard work of young people like you Abu… I can see you getting a knighthood. We would then have to call you ‘Sir’!

  5. Mohammed Saif U Ludi

    Abu has worked tirelessly on a voluntary basis for the Bangladeshi Islamic Centre for many years and still does today. I am very proud of him because he has helped me deliver a range of youth sessions to benefit the young people. We are yet to see the best of Abu.


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