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Fahan’s Story

Fahan, aged 18 from London is a Diana Active Campaigner.

I received my Diana Award after running a campaign to help reduce our school’s carbon footprint. We did not have previous campaigning experience so we approached an environmental charity called the Global Action Plan to learn the necessary tools needed to run our own carbon-cutting project. We completed a series of waste audits to analyse and monitor waste and designed measures to reduce it. We weighed the waste being sent to landfill around the school and used this information to help target a successful campaign. We arranged to meet every week on a Thursday after-school and organised an assembly to launch our campaigned aimed at engaging the entire school community. Throughout the campaign period we started several initiatives such as transforming the school’s waste disposal system which included an entirely new logo. We also taught our fellow peers (and teachers!) about responsible printing and even created a campaign video to present our efforts to our school once our campaign finished. The improved recycling facilities led to a 2360kg extra paper recycled equal to 3.06 tonnes of carbon dioxide savings!

Getting recognised with a Diana Award really helps to put our efforts into perspective. At first I did not realise that running a campaign at school could grow into anything more than what it was. However, being given the chance to attend workshops to learn how we can springboard from our first campaign really encouraged me to keep going. Also, I feel passionate about creating a sustainable future through positive action. So receiving an award directed to young people who will undoubtedly be leading the future, reaffirms that this issue is something that we all care about and one that needs to be given a higher profile. Moreover, being amongst others who equally are as heavily involved in completely different projects enlightened me. Their anecdotal evidence about issues we only ever hear in passing made me appreciate their work so much more. Hearing about the Diana Network was great since I became excited about the other opportunities that may lie ahead. As a Diana Award Holder, I have the self efficacy and reassurance to immerse myself in the things I most enjoy and care about. As part of the Diana Network I know that I can share this with like-minded others and encourage as many as possible to join too by propagating service through good will and action.

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