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Connor’s Story

Connor, aged 17 is a Diana Champion Fundraiser from Wales.

“In 2010 I decided to form my own community choir. It started with just nine members but quickly grew as members began to spread the word to friends and family. The choir, called Redfields Community Choir, proved more successful than I could have ever imagined and over the last year, by performing numerous concerts, and entertaining at various events, we have raised vast amounts of money which has been donated to local charities.

The thing that surprised me most about forming the choir was not just how successful the choir is, but how it has acted as a catalyst for other friendships in the community. It has resulted in groups of people getting to know each other, all who have a common interest; they love to sing. Meeting for practice every Wednesday evening, it brings together people from ages eight to eighty, and we try to make it a social occasion by organising days out for shopping and parties for special birthdays and Christmas.

I was just 15 when I started this project which has surpassed all my expectations. I never imagined that a community pipe dream could become such a successful reality. In June this year I was interviewed on BBC Radio Wales, who wanted to know all about the Redfields success story, and now I have been given this award.

Along side numerous highlights of this year, such as exam results, Radio interviews, and achieving a place at my chosen college of music, winning this award has been the icing on the cake for 2011. I was thrilled and felt very privileged to be nominated by my school but to actually win has been unbelievable. I feel incredibly proud of the hard work and commitment of my choir, and of all those who have supported us so strongly over the past year. I am incredible grateful to the school, for nominating me and recognising all our hard work, and to the Diana Award, for presenting me with this extremely prestigious award.”

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