Media Operational Note

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign Showcases At Two Major Events

Case studies of young people who have experienced bullying

New research on bullying to be released

Access to a Facebook spokesperson and celebrity interviews

Date & venues: Tuesday 10 November 2015: Blackpool

Monday 16 November 2015: London

Times: WORKSHOPS: 10:00AM – 4:00PM.  Media invited to drop in and out.


Contact: Emma Pelling  07958558172


Over 600 young Anti-Bullying Ambassadors aged 5-18 from across the UK will come together to participate in a two hands on event designed to inspire young people to creatively explore bullying issues through drama, singing, photography, rap, graffiti art, public speaking – all led by celebrity talent. Both events are supported by Facebook and include panel debates with other Diana Award partners including: Twitter, Vodafone, Ask. FM and Facebook.


Vlogger & YouTube Star – Marcus Butler (Marcus has over 3 million + YouTube subscribers)
Girls Aloud’s – Nadine Coyle
Actor & CBBC/Radio 1 Presenter – Cel Spellman
Dragons’ Den Star – Kelly Hoppen MBE
CBBC Presenter – Molly Rainford
One Show Presenter & Vocal Coach – Carrie Grant
2010 Britain Got Talent Runner Up’s – Twist & Pulse
Anti-Bullying Campaigner – Jodie Marsh
Singer/Songwriter – Rachel Furner


BBC and Radio 1 Presenter – Cel Spellman
X Factor 2014 – Concept & Lola Saunders
BBC’s Waterloo Road Actor – Max Bowden
CBBC Friday Download Presenter – Molly Rainford
2010 Britain Got Talent Runner Up’s – Twist & Pulse

London Anti-Bullying Ambassadors available for interviews include:

Alex, aged 16, London: Alex is key member of his school’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador team. He learnt so much on his Anti-Bullying training and how important it to stand up against bullying. Alex and the other Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in his school meet on a regular basis to discuss new ideas to take their work forward. Alex is been involved in creating poster pledges that the students can sign to say that they are against bullying. Alex has also been involved in assemblies in local junior and senior schools. He has experienced Cyber bullying.

Brook, aged 11, Kent: Brook became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador to try and stop bullying in his school and community. She believes that Ant-Bullying Ambassadors are great role models and before he became one, he was inspired by them. Brook has experience bullying first hand. Brook was called names regarding his appearance. Brook was afraid to tell anyone about the bullying at first, as he thought that the bullying would get worse. After a while Brook realised that he needed to speak out and get help so that the bullying could be stopped. He is much happier now that the bullying has stopped.

Chilli, aged 15, Kent: Chilli is passionate about sharing the anti-bullying message with as many people possible, and on a global scale. Chilli believes that being on the Youth Board will be the next step for taking her ideas to the next level, and working as a team will also allow these ideas to helping those who are suffering. Chilli has experienced bullying and wrote- “Throughout my childhood, I have been bullied on many different occasions, however now on the brighter side; I have overcome this and decided to combat against this bullying so that no one else has to suffer as I have. During my time at primary school, it mainly consisted of indirect bullying, not physical, but instead was incredibly emotionally harming. I had little to no friends and was always pushed out of every social group, so that I was constantly alone and rejected. This led me to feel isolated and also began to feel depressed. However, by year 6 I learnt that I was not defined by my year group and became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador at my school and helped young years if they were upset or alone, and made some good friends because of this.”

Cliodhna, age 17, Bedfordshire: Clio is one of the lead Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in her school and actively campaigns for positive change. Clio loves to get to know others and encourage them to be the best they can be.  Clio has been involved in leading assemblies, delivering lessons to children with learning difficulties and working on her school’s Anti-Bullying policy. Clio has been involved in: leading sessions on cyber bullying, creating videos to educating about bullying, drama workshops, peer mentoring, wrote a song called ‘Lovely’ about body image, radio interviews and wrote a book called ‘Voices’ which invited students and staff to voice their thoughts on bullying. Clio has experienced bullying which made her feel uncomfortable at school. The bullies would shout and make things up about her. At the time Clio did not feel like she was able to tell anyone as she was scared, as a result she did not want to attend school. After a while and it all building up, Clio decided to speak to a teacher. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors helped Clio through the bulling and the bullying stopped.

Millie, aged 16, London: Millie is excited to be part of the 2015/16 National Youth Board, as she feels that she has a lot to offer and make a difference. Millie said “I am extremely passionate about standing up to all types of bullying as I have been a victim of several types of bullying and how horrendous it can be. As someone who lost all their confidence from being bullied, I found it hard to build my self-esteem and return to being the confident person that I was. I found it hard to address large groups and Anti-Bullying Pro and their workshops helped me re-build my confidence and realise how many other people want to stamp out bullying like I do. In year 7 I was bullied for around 6 months and it was the most belittling, depressing, horrific time of my life. At the beginning of the bullying, I was the subject of offensive jokes and a group of girls would take the mick out of me in order to make an audience laugh or gain popularity. Though some teachers picked up on it, the girls passed it off as joking around and so it wasn’t addressed or questioned. I tried to ignore the main girl and avoid her at all costs but it seemed the more I tried to run, the more she wanted to get at me. The verbal abuse quickly turned into something more in inescapable cyber-bullying.”

Solei, aged 8, London: Solei is the youngest Nation Youth Board member. Solei is an active Anti-Bullying Ambassador in her school, she is passionate to help young people from all over the country and is excited to meet new people. Solei has experienced bullying when she first started junior school. One of the other students used to hit her on a regular basis. Solei has been an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, she has been able to help others.

Sukhraj, aged 14, Worcestershire: Sukhraj is passionate about being involved in anti-bullying work and wants to make a difference. Whilst being an Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Sukhraj’s confidence has grown and now feels empowered to take a stand. Sukhraj has experienced bullying and wrote- “I have personally experienced bullying in the past and it was a dreadful experience. This experience led me to becoming an Anti-Bullying Ambassador. I was bullied not only verbally but also physically, this affected me emotionally and mentally. Having moved from another city was already a difficult adjustment to make, leaving old friends behind and starting a new school was a scary feeling. I had to deal with bullying throughout my first year was a tough time for me, not only did I suffer from it during school time, but it also followed me home. It had a huge impact on my confidence, I didn’t really want to leave home and I did not look forward to going to school because I was scared and worried.”

Blackpool Anti-Bullying Ambassadors available for interviews include

Sundas, aged 15, Manchester: Sundas is passionate to help people who have experienced bullying, not just in her school but also young people in the wider community. Sundas believes that young people should not compare themselves to others, and wants young people to know that it is ok for them to be themselves. Sundas has personally experienced bullying. A number of girls in her school would make fun, mock and laugh at her. Because of the bullying, Sundas did not have any friends. Sundas has also experienced Cyber bullying which made her not want to go to school. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors helped Sundas through the bullying, which encouraged her to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador.

Ting, aged 13, West Midlands: Ting wanted to join the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors because she wants to make a stand against bullying. Ting believes that bullying effects a person’s self-confidence and happiness. Ting has experienced bullying and wrote- “I have been bullied for plenty of things. I was bullied because I was from a different country, because I have different values, because my education in the past was different, because I think differently, because of my name and because of my personality. Most of the bullying has stopped now, but when it happens I remind myself… I am who I am!”

The Diana Award is a core member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance. The Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinate Anti-Bullying week and this year’s theme is ‘Make Some Noise’ and focuses on empowering young people to make some noise about bullying whether it is happening to them or someone else, face to face or online #AntiBullyingWeek.

Do you know an inspiring young person you want to nominate for a Diana Award?